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 Raiding with Mew Mew Pew Pew 
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 Raiding with Mew Mew Pew Pew
Alright, so raiding is a ton of fun when everyone's working together. A raid cannot succeed without a good solid team working towards the same goal. Now, we aren't a "Raiding Guild" per se. We don't require anyone in the guild to raid in order to be in/stay in the guild. Our #1 GUILD rule, is have fun.

However, that said. Our raiders, are serious raiders. We take raiding seriously, because we like to have fun. That said, the following are the rules of the road for becoming a raider with Mew Mew Pew Pew and working on raid progression.

Minimum Requirements:

Below are the MINIMUM requirements that MUST be met before you will be considered as a "Trial Raider".

Mods: Must have Vent (mic not necessary, but you must be able to hear), Deadly Boss Mods (Equivelant mods like Big-Wigs are acceptable), Decursive (for any class that can cleanse, cure, decurse, dispel, etc.), all updated, installed and WORKING.

RECOMMENDED MOD: Healbot. We're not requiring this for healers, as there are many different ways of healing (keybinds, grids, healbot clones, etc). If you're struggling and you're not using any mods to make your life as a healer easier, you MUST get one. Healbot is recommended as it's what most of us use. Several of us can heal just fine without it, it just lets us be lazy. Don't let it be a crutch, but use what you're comfortable with if you're used to something else. Just be the best you can be.


As far as gear goes, we want to see that you've put thought and effort into your gear. We do runs to help get people geared, but they go a lot better if you've already put some effort into it. There are crafted pieces, Heroic drops, etc. Show us that you're serious. Raiding takes work to be successful, show us that you can put that effort in. Raids are a lot of fun, but not if a bunch of people are severely undergeared.

Knowledge: Know the fights. There are strategies posted, even videos of fights. You don't need to know every nuance of the fight going in, but you should have a good idea of what to expect. We'll explain the execution, but you should know what we're talking about when we explain it. and are good sources. There are many more, but those are good starting points.

Know your class. We don't have a problem working with you, helping you out, and helping you improve, even teaching you a thing or two about game mechanics. A raid, however, is NOT the place for that. Training dummies are a decent guide, and heroics are good practice for trying out new rotations, skills, specs, etc. Raids are NOT the place to learn your toon. There are all kinds of sites that go over various specs, rotations, gear, etc, and discuss classes in depth to squeeze the max out of them. Familiarize yourself with those sites, and learn as much as you can from them. is a good place to start.


Rubber Ducky Runs: Historically these have been "Catch Up" and "Trial" runs for new raiders. With the advent of LFR and other catch up mechanics, these have not been required. Leaving this in place in case they are needed in future (we'll see how WoD progresses, if there are catch up mechanics, if LFR is "king" for catching up in gear, or if running previous raid tiers is relevant after a new tier is released).

Progression Runs: Progression Raids last at LEAST 2.5 hours. By this time, we know the time it takes. Some nights things just don't work out and things get called early, sometimes we're so close that we stretch it 1 more hour to get that last 10% of that boss down, or to get a shot at that boss to see what happens. Sometimes we call it early, sometimes we go late. Exceptions prove the rule, but you shoudl expect a MINIMUM of 2.5 hours for progression.


Rubber Ducky Run rules: (Deprecated, but leaving in place for now, will revisit later)

*Minimum Requirements MUST be met.
*No more than 2 new people in 1 run. This is to ensure that we have as smooth a run as possible. 8 people can carry 2 if they're just dead weight. Since you won't be dead weight, it will make it that much easier. That said, too many new people and the raid ends up wiping, and the veterans start getting frustrated because we're used to breezing through a quarter in 20 minutes (Arachnaphobia, that was fun!). Obviously we won't be able to do it that quickly, but it shouldn't be a struggle at every single boss. Keeping the new person count down to 2 will make sure that we're not grinding on a wall. It will also make it so that people get geared faster, assuming we take 2 different class roles/armor wearers (i.e. plate DPS with a cloth Healer). This will ensure that the new people aren't competing for gear, and that instead the gear defaults to them if usable.
Loot will be /roll and don't feel bad for rolling on nearly every piece that drops. It's expected and that's the point of the runs. We're trying to get you geared. Don't make us force the drops on you. Phantastic likes to whap people with her branches for that.
That said, in the (extremely) unlikely event that a piece drops during a rubber ducky run that is an upgrade for a Progression Member, it will go to the Progression Member. This isn't likely to happen, but it's possible. By that point, you'll have probably already gotten at least 4 pieces, so it shouldn't be an issue.
Keep Vent Clear during boss fights. If we ask you to call something out by all means do call it out. We don't need to know that you're dead, or that something just happened. If it is something that needs to be called out it will be done so by a Tank, a Healer, or the Raid Leader. Please keep Vent clear in case a quick reaction must be made to an unexpected event (tank death, boss went whacko, unexpected adds, etc.)

Progression Raids:

Minimum Requirements MUST be met.

In addition to standard raid rules already set forth, the following apply:

Loot - will be /roll (this may change in the future, but for now we're going with this). After you've won a piece you should STILL roll on other pieces to let the Loot Master know that you are interested in the piece. However if you have won a piece and someone who can use rolls against you, they will get the piece regardless of what their roll was. If everyone rolling for a piece has already won something, then it simply goes to the highest roll (and so on and so forth).

Loot - Tier Pieces: Tier pieces will function exactly the same as the above, however they are tracked separately. You will NOT be excluded from a Tier drop because of winning a non-Tier drop. All Tier Tokens are open roll. Now if you have already won a Tier Token, then it will function exactly as normal, and if someone rolls against you for another one, it goes to them. If no one does, well you're just lucky and we'll give you a hard time about your luck 'cause we're all jealous.

Remember, work for the good of the guild. Leave your ego at the door.


ALL BoE drops, if not NEEDED by a person in the raid, will be placed in the GBank to be given to up and coming raiders that have shown the desire, heart, and ability to join our raiding ranks.

Finally, These rules are subject to change. The guild is in a transitionary period currently, and we're still trying to work out our roster. The officers/raid leaders will communicate any changes before they go into effect, and will work to ensure the best experience possible for all of our members.

Thank you,

(aka Rezalot aka Nibbleyabum)

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